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Care after Completion of Endodontic Treatment

A new full-coverage crown will be necessary on all posterior teeth, unless you already have a crown on your tooth that is in good condition. The crown provides protection for your endodontically treated tooth.

Access Restoration
One of the greatest causes of endodontic treatment failure is due to leakage of saliva which recontaminates the endodontic filling material. To avoid this, it is important to have the endodontic access that was made through the top of your tooth in the process of doing the root canal restored immediately after endodontic treatment has been completed.

Build-Up for a Crown
Quite frequently, decay will have destroyed much of the tooth that the root canal is being performed on. In order for your dentist to predictably restore your tooth, a build-up will be necessary to replace the destroyed tooth structure. If enough tooth structure is missing then a post will need to be placed into one of the canals in order to further stabilize the build-up material. Following the placement of the build-up you will need to have your dentist place a new crown.

Recall Appointments
Spokane Endodontics has a long-standing history of recalling our patients at six months after treatment then annually for approximately 4 1/2 years. This service is provided free of charge to our patients and helps to provide the feedback we need in order to continue to provide the highest level of care possible. You will be sent a card in the mail. Once you have received this card, simply give us a call to schedule this brief appointment with us.